Blackout Blinds

blackout blinds
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Style & Use

Blackout blinds effectively minimise the light entering a room due to their tight fit on window frames. When shut they can block almost all light in a room.

They are easy to use and are stylish as well as functional. They are especially useful in the bedroom for shift workers who have to sleep during the day, people who are light sleepers, settling young children during the lighter summer evenings, for bedrooms with south facing windows or to enjoy home cinema in a darkened room. They can be used behind curtains, or you may prefer to use special blackout curtain linings.

Design & Function

Blackout roller blinds are made from densely woven fabric designed to efficiently minimise the light entering a room, giving the option of how much light they wish to let in by moving the blind down to the required level.

Blackout roller blinds work using a roller system, operated either manually or electronically for ease of use. Manual blinds can be operated by a spring mechanism or beaded side controls, raised and lowered in one smooth, easy motion. Blinds are made automatic by the simple addition of an electric motor.

Blackout blinds are available in a large range of colours, patterns and fabrics. Call into our shop to see our catalogue or we can arrange for a free no obligation consultation at your home. Free samples of fabrics are available, sent out via post. For more information contact us.



Take special care when handling blackout blinds to avoid creasing.
Roller blinds can be cleaned by removing the surface dust with a soft synthetic or feather duster or vacuumed with an upholstery brush attachment as with as curtains and upholstery.

Any stains should be removed as soon as possible. Dirt can be removed from fabric with a slightly damp sponge or cloth. For tough stains, spot clean lukewarm water with a non-synthetic detergent.

Do not scrub or rub hard, since you may damage the protective coating.

Do not immerse blinds in water.


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