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Closeup of a motorized Venetian blind in silver with a grey wall to the left.

13 May 2021

How much do electric blinds cost? Considerations before you invest

Electric blinds come in many different colours, shapes, designs, and styles to fit individual needs. This means that you’ll not just be able…

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A bay window covered by white wooden Venetian blinds with black tapes, with the street outside and house opposite just visible through the slats.

11 May 2021

Design inspiration: White wooden Venetian blinds with tapes

Why would you choose white wooden Venetian blinds with tapes? Well, it comes down to a question of taste! In many ways, your…

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White wooden Venetian blinds closed over a bay window with a radiator below and cream and red patterned curtains at each side.

9 May 2021

Wooden blinds for bay windows: Inspiration & tips

Bay windows do more than just bring natural light into your home. They come in a unique design that protrudes outward away from…

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