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Style & Use

Bringing the charm of wood in to your home in the form of wooden blinds offers a warm and natural look to any décor. Richly stained or painted, wood blinds are a contemporary choice to shutters.

Venetian blinds can be tilted, raised or lowered using horizontal slats. This design allows control of light to let in as much or as little light as you require, as well as privacy. These features give these blinds the most user control out of all blinds.

As well as providing privacy and shade they are very durable, heat insulators, and can keep the room well ventilated as they are easily adjusted letting a breeze in from an open window.

Wooden blinds are ideal for bedroom, dining room, and living room, however are not recommended with rooms with a lot of moisture.

Design & Function

Venetian binds are available in either wood slats for a traditional feel or aluminium slats (see Venetian Blinds) for a more contemporary look.

The blinds are designed using wooden slats, connected using cords or wires. The blinds function with a plastic rod, used use to tilt the slats of the blinds up or down, which opens or closes the blinds, and a cord used to raise and lower the blinds, thereby controlling the amount of light coming in the window. Pulling down Venetian blinds, it is a simple process which takes seconds to do.

For a a plantation shutter effect blind, where the cords is hidden, choose the Contour collection blind. This blind has a 65mm slat and gives extra privacy, using tape to hide cords and the holes which the string is fed through.

For ultimate style choose Perfect Fit, a unique fitting system developed by Louvolite that requires no drilling or screwing during installation and fits snugly around your window.

Slats are available in sizes 50mm (2.1″), 35mm (1.5″), and 25mm (1″) and are connected using cords.

Blinds can be made with or without tapes, tapes come in a selection of colours.

Valance options include metallic, chrome, black, white, faux leather.

Various kinds of wood can be used but most wood blinds are made from basswood and ramin. See our catalogue for our range of wood effects. Call into our shop to see our catalogue or we can arrange for a free no obligation consultation at your home. For more information contact us.

These blinds should be installed in rooms which have stable temperatures and controlled humidity.

All blinds can made automatic by the simple addition of an electric motor.



Unfortunately Venetian blinds are good at collecting dust. To keep them dust free Venetian blinds can be dusted with feather duster or with vacuumed with an upholstery brush attachment, as with your curtains and upholstery, at regular intervals.

Care must be taken when cleaning real wood blinds. Washing the blind is not recommended as water or even excessive dampness may cause warping of the slats.

Venetian wooden blinds can occasionally be treated with a wood cleaner.


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